Sunday, January 13, 2013

Harmony in Life - animated cartoon

What is the most important key to happiness in life? Having wealth? Having success? Or Having Well-being?  Well, different people may have different point of view. But, we should remember that we don't live alone, we live in the midst of society or we can say at least our family.

From this point of view, people would wish to live in happiness. No one wishes to live in sadness. To get happiness in family life, work life, or society life, people should know how to get along well with others. This ability of getting along well with others, sometimes give you unexpected gain in life. It's something greater than intelligence. Getting along well with others is sometimes called as living in harmony with others.

You probably may have ever thought that Wealth, Success and Well-being is the most important in life. But, they are actually the result of Harmony. Nowadays, people have neglected this "Harmony" with other people in life. They neglect their family, their friends, their colleague, and other people around them. They can't get along well with anybody and become self-centered. How can one gain real happiness by just being alone or always being in discord with others? The real happiness lies in "being harmonious with everyone".

The following animated cartoon tells you about the importance of "Harmony in Life". If we have "Harmony" in life, "Wealth", "Success" and "Well-being" will follow us. Wish everyone of you happiness.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How important is water to your healthy life?

Everybody knows that drinking water is a must for us to keep on living, but many just don't realize the importance of drinking water. How important is water for maintaining a healthy life?

You probably don't realize that stressful life can also derive from lack of drinking water. After watching the following video, probably your view about "water" for life will change. The topic is "YOU ARE NOT SICK, YOU ARE THIRSTY!". You will learn about the "Four False Assumption in Medical and Scientific Mindset Concerning the Function of Water"

Watch this talk about water and health from Dr. Batmanghelidj.

The continuation parts of the video above can be found at Youtube or just click here.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Parents are children's best teachers

Are you looking for best teachers who can teach your children? Who do you think is the best teacher who can teach your precious sons and daughters to think wise, speak mannerly and behave well. If you think you should go everywhere, offline or online just to find the teachers for your children, I think that won't be as good as you yourself as parents to teach them. Parents are children's best teachers. Don't you think so?

Who are the closest people around your children? If you answer other than you and you spouse (as parents), I would say that you should give yourself time to think hard about this matter. I believe that since you have come to my to read about parenting or about living, you must be someone who has at least a little concern about your children their present and their future.

You as parents are the closest and also I can say the first teachers of your children. Moreover, mothers are the first who give lessons. Fetus inside the womb of a mother can feel. Whatever infants or babies hear and see at their early young age, are deeply carved in their hearts. When they are young, whatever you are doing for others will be an example for them to follow (perhaps not right away, but when they grow up).

Setting good examples for children at very young age is really a serious matter. Don't think that it's not important about this. Then, how important is setting good examples to teach children? I can say that the importance of this will influence their whole life, and for the rest of their lives.

Give this a little thought! When you are eating at home, will you give the delicious food to your parents or your children? What's the difference? If you are serving the food to your parents (or your in-laws) first, your children are seeing this simple action. This simple action will carve deeply inside their hearts. The next day, they probably will do the same. This should be set as examples even at their young age. The following video is in Mandarin language, but by just watching I think you will also understand what it wants to tell you about teaching children.